Saturday, March 29, 2008

Who am I kidding?

I won't sleep much tonight. Too wound up. And too cranky; I left my wine in the truck (Le Snoot and Dog House, two fine reds) and I will not leave this room until it's daylight and Tom is with me. (Almost a year to the day that Tom's brother was shot and killed in his motel room as he and his sons unloaded their car.) I have a chocolate croissant left over from breakfast (from a great little French bakery in Ft. Lauderdale; if I can find the link later, I'll add it) and I'm going to eat it in a few minutes. Chocolate goes so well with reds.

So here's the second (black)hearted sock, at least, what I knit today. The "in progress" photos are on another card and I'm too tired to upload them tonight.

At Sonny's BBQ somewhere in Georgia, I think:

Notice the clever draping of sock over spider veins and wrinkles?

Last, but not least (you know I'll never shut up), with only a couple of rows left:

I'll finish it tomorrow.


Antevasin said...

I'm hoping you FINALLY made it home safe and sound, right? I love love love your socks!!! I must put that pattern in my queue...

rita said...

We got home an hour ago, and it's cold cold cold!!!

I wish I'd made the socks a little bigger around, but overall I like them. Let's see what happens when I wear them.