Sunday, March 30, 2008

No Great Dane

Okay, even if we could get the house in Homestead, I'd have to give up the idea of a huge guard dog. On the way home this afternoon, I saw one out in his yard taking a dump.

Big big difference between Yorkie poop and Great Dane poop. Just sayin'.


Anonymous said...

Betty says....

I think you should just stick with Zippy....he's a nice boy and he's not messy at all. We enjoyed having him here while you were in Florida.

Kristen said...

Yorkies are wayyyyyy cuter anyhow -- imho.

Course this is from a big cat person lol!!

rita said...

I'll stick with Zippy and his size for as long as he lives. He's a good little boy and is always so well-behaved after he comes home from your house! It took him hours to remember to go into his crate to beg for a treat.

Kristen, I agree, Yorkies are so much cuter, and you can actually cuddle them. My cousin's Great Dane, Mongo, would walk up to someone and rest his hind leg on their lap as if he thought he was sitting there. I think I got a photo of that; I might find it someday!

And we have 3 cats, too!