Friday, February 01, 2008

rita's day off

Woohoo for an ice storm! Day off from school--on a Friday, yet. We have four days built into the calendar; so much for getting out almost a week early in June, but what the hey, it's a three-day weekend. In the dead of winter.

Even though it seems to be about 20 degrees, the rain has washed the ice off the trees (at least, the trees in sight, which admittedly isn't far). I did manage to take a few photos before it all disappeared, after sleeping late, doing a little (very little) laundry, and sitting here for two hours playing with changes to my blog. Like adding the links to blogs that I like to read. This is just a small portion of my list, but after sitting here that long, I'm finished for today.

Yes. That is a West Virginia outhouse in our yard.


Antevasin said...

Hey there! Now you've made me homesick for my adopted home state of Kentucky!! Color me crazy, but I miss the cold, the snow, the ice...if only you didn't have to drive in it..

rita said...

At least I didn't have to drive yesterday, but Tom had to go to work anyway.

Do you live somewhere warm? I'm so over cold weather; I need to be in the sun again! I'm sure I have a vitamin D deficiency!