Sunday, February 03, 2008

Nana's stash

I come by this honestly. The stash thing, I mean. My mom's mother, Nana, was a born crafter. She bought and saved patterns from newspspers back when the paper had a new crochet pattern offered every day, and she had a stack yeay high of books of crochet patterns. And, of course, she kept a nice stash of yarns and crochet threads.

When Nana died, Mom offered me The Stash, which I scarfed up, of course. Like Nana, I might not use all of the things in it, but I just might. You just never know.

So last weekend I was looking for something to knit a blanket square for Elisa's dad, and I found this:

Two skeins of this soft, fuzzy Dazzle--and look at that price! After some thought, though, I decided that it needs to be made into doll blankets for my two granddaughters; Nana would be delighted that they'd have something of hers. (A has Nana's maiden name for her middle name, which I think is really sweet.)

On to the next post, in which I show the three squares I knit for Elisa's dad's blanket.


The Knitting Nerd said... granddaughter was named after me too! She has my middle name as part of her first name and eventually when she's a little older, will be taught to knit and crochet as well. That's so funny..I used to crochet with that Dazzle stuff too! Hey, what can I say? We were very limited on choices back then! :=)

rita said...

Extremely limited! Nana used to buy some really odd yarns from a textile plant (or something, I can't remember) and make rugs and things from them.

From the time A was a glimmer in our eyes, I dreamed of teaching her to knit and crochet. I started trying when she was 3 and showed interest (mainly in playing with the needles), but it wasn't until the day before her 8th birthday that knitting clicked for her. Maybe crochet will come some day. Nana taught me to crochet when I was 7 and I taught myself to knit at age 50 or so.

Grace Yaskovic said...

my downstairs neighbor just gifted me with a huge bag of two different colors of Dazzleaire, it was 1.59 a skein when she bought it many many years ago