Thursday, May 13, 2010

Holding my breath--again

(Aside--Hey, I hit 700 posts with that last one! On May 7 even. Seven is my favorite number.)

(I remember when I wore a size 7.)

(That was a longass time ago.)


A new charter elementary school is opening in Key West this summer. The first year it will have about 250 students, K-5, adding a grade each year till it's K-8. It's on 11 acres on the Navy base and will focus on marine and environmental studies including field trips and lots of time spent on the grounds learning things. Sounds just about perfect to me.

It's associated with the Monroe County school system, but it has its own pay scale and board of directors. The pay for assistants is about $6000 a year more than the starting salary for assistants in my present school system, plus health benefits and a 401k.

I wanna be an assistant at Sigsbee Charter School.

The application process included applying the usual way, which to my delight is totally online, but it also required that interested applicants email a SCS application with a cover letter and resume. I hate writing those things. Fortunately Word has a template for easy resumes, and fortunately Betty is a wiz at writing cover letters. Together we (well, mostly she) wrote the letter, I submitted everything last night, and I just received an email that said they'd received it and it has been given to the principal.

Would you mind saying a prayer or two and/or keeping your fingers crossed, whichever you prefer? They hope to have all the positions filled by June 1, and golly gee, if I'm asked to interview, I'd have to go to the hardship of flying to Key West and spending a couple of days in paradise.

I promise that I won't blow this interview. If I get it. And I really want to get it. Summers off, you see, plus decent pay and benefits, Christmas break, spring break, all the good stuff that goes along with working in a school. It wouldn't be nearly as easy as the job I have now, but it would be close. And it would be in Key freakin' West. If I have to work, this is as close as I'm going to get to the perfect job in the Keys.

I'm going to live in the Keys! Now let's see if I can work in the Keys.


Anonymous said...

Betty said....

I left a message here yesterday, but it's not here now. I don't know why.

This is the perfect job for you in the perfect location....I've got everything crossed!

rita said...

*cue Twilight Zone theme*

Thanks for crossing!