Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Wow, I've been amiss in my blogging nonefforts lately. There's always so much to write about and so little motivation.

I start knitting projects then abandon them for others. I've actually finished three of kpixie’s Valentine Sequin Scarves, one in Tilli Thomas' Rock Star yarn in pinks and purples (silk and beads), one in her American Beauty colorway (a gorgeous deep red), and one in red Berroco cotton twist. I love this scarf. I've made it different widths and lengths; the cables on alternating sides cause the scarf to curl under and looks nicer than the plain scarves I usually knit. No photos for some reason. I take thousands of photos of other stuff; why not my knitting? (Answer: Because it has to be photographed in the right light at the right time of day in order to show the colors and stitches properly, and I rarely take the time to bother with it.)

A friend of mine is going to be a grandmother for the first time this summer. I wanted to knit something special for the baby, a girl, so after researching patterns and yarns, I bought some undyed bamboo yarn from lotusblossom on ebay. Eight ounces, 420 yards, in each hank of worsted weight yarn, a gorgeous creamy color, for $8. I bought four of them. Similar yarn that I bought several years ago in a slightly lighter weight cost $14.50 for only four ounces and about 242 yards. Of course that was Southwest yarn and I bought it at a yarn shop, but still.... The very first nice yarn that I bought when I started knitting came from lotusblossom; she has some gorgeous colorways. I paid for it on Friday and it arrived yesterday at noon.

I'm really ready to knit something that I'll actually finish, so last night I cast on for Blossom. (I hope the link works; it won't load for some reason.) So far so good. It's a silky yarn and a really cute little wrap dress. I plan to add a pair of booties and a hat to finish the ensemble.

I may even try my hand at dyeing some of the yarn. I have a kit I bought years ago (from lotusblossom, coincidentally enough) and if I get energetic, I may try that. I'd do it outside on the gas grill, though, so the house wouldn't get hot, steamy, and stinky. I bought the dye kit when Avery was very little with the idea that we could dye yarn together, but these dyes are poisonous and hard on tender skin, so I gave up on that. I could try dyeing with Wilton food color paste; I used to have lots of their little pots of coloring 30 years ago when I sold decorated cakes.

Yesterday I received a letter from the Virginia Retirement Service stating that my retirement request has been processed and I should receive my first check at the end of July. I'll still get my current pay until the end of August, so for two months I'll get two paychecks. Now I just need to find a job in the lower Keys.

Thirty-nine days and counting.........

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