Monday, March 08, 2010

Guess who's going to Florida twice in one week?

That's right. I am.

Friday afternoon I found a voice message (gee, was that hard to do?) from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. I'd applied for an administrative assistant job there at the end of January. I called and was asked to come to an interview on Monday, March 15. Shoot, I'm going to be there March 19-April 4. We talked for 10 or 15 minutes, laughing; I really enjoyed myself. They'd chosen 7 applicants to interview, and all have to be interviewed by the same people (who are from offices elsewhere in the state).

I called Tom and explored the possibility for flying down for a few days so I could go to the interview. We decided that I'd check into airfare. I found some that wasn't as horrible as others, so I called the office and left a message that I will be there for the interview. I'll fly down Saturday evening and back home Tuesday night. Then, and this is the fun part, I'll work for two days and fly back to Florida on Friday the 19th. For two weeks.

I've been trying to find out more about the Florida F&WCC but haven't succeeded. I mean, I know that they deal with endangered animals, fishing and hunting licenses, etc., but this is a research facility. I should try to know a little more before I actually interview there.

Wish me luck!


Georgi said...

Wooooyahhh! That sounds great! Do you know what office the job is in, is it close to the new house??? I will keep my fingers crossed and maybe even say a prayer. :-)

rita said...

It's in the Law Enforcement department in Marathon, about a 45-minute drive over the Seven Mile Bridge. It's only about 20 miles, but traffic doesn't move very fast. It's not an ideal situation, but it's a decent job.

I'd love to work somewhere on Big Pine Key itself, but there isn't that great a need for secretaries there.

In other news, Tom has a dumpster coming in today so he can throw out all of the junk he's demolished so far. We might have a yard yet!

Anonymous said...

Betty said....

You are living my dream....moving to Florida AND in possession of a dumpster!

Anonymous said...

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