Friday, January 15, 2010


*tap tap tap*

Is anyone out there?

*shields eyes with hand*

I can see you, really, I can, but I can't hear you.

I know that someone(s) from Europe and the U.S. and the U.K. and Panama and even someone from Slovakia have googled "italy-shirtless-edward-new moon" and "robert-pattison-new-moon-shirtless" and "edward-cullen" and "vanity-fair-italy-edward-and-bella".

And I thought I had it bad.

Come on, please leave a comment if you land here from any search. Even though there are some google searches I'd rather not be associated with, I'd sure like to know who's out there.

*crickets chirping*


Georgi said...

I am now posting a comment. did you know the New Moon DVD comes out on March 20? I cannot wait. How are things going?? R you still at Betty's?

rita said...

Yay Georgi!!!

No, I hadn't heard! I was going to check but forgot. Woohoo, "Remember Me" in March, too--big month!

I'm looking for a job in the Keys; if I can get one that pays about the same as this one, I'm out of here.

I'm still at Betty's; I'll go home tomorrow to check on things, but I'm not staying. I'm traumatized.

Anonymous said...

Betty said....

That, and we are just having too much fun...partying every night. Oh, all right, we are in our pajamas by 8 and we sit and watch TV all evening long, but we are still having fun....we can make fun of all the bad TV shows together!

rita said...

Watching tv is always best with a like-minded sister! I do love to be snarky. There's just so little material; even the bad shows are too bad to snark about!

We do live the wild life, in pjs and sprawled on the day bed by 7 to watch whatever is on tv that night.