Monday, November 16, 2009

Just because I can

Four nights from now, I'll be sitting in a theater with my niece Kara watching "New Moon".

And we'll be drooling.

There's nothing better than aunt/niece bonding!


morgaine24 said...

i am so going to be there with my mom as well. we also bought tickets to see twilight again there showing it before new moon. should be awesome

rita said...

I'm lucky to have a niece who loves Twilight, too, as my sisters refuse to entertain the thought that vampire movies/books can be fun and not necessarily gory. Okay, a little gory. In Breaking Dawn, a lot gory.

I imagine that the theaters will be jam-packed. Our local cineplex is showing New Moon every half hour!

Georgi said...

I think I will wait and see it saturday morning. I am excited.

Anonymous said...

Betty said....

Am I going to have to organize an intervention???

rita said...

Don't you dare! Let me have my little fantasy.

I may see it again later, too, Georgi. If I can dig up another $10.

Do. Not. Tell. Tom. That. I. Bought. Burger. King. Stuff. He won't let me live it down.

Saturday would be better except that I live something like 50 miles from the theater and don't want to have to go back into town.

We're taking Shamwows (tm thingy).