Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Wedding Stole pics

The Wedding Shawl. Not this color at all. Can't get the beads to show (so far they're just along the outside edges).

More accurate color. 55/45 cashmere silk lace. I'm heading out to buy a lace needle, something I never thought I'd need.

It's affishul.

Tom, after I hit him with the cast iron skillet.


Georgi said...

You really shouldn't hit Tom in the front with the skillet, use the back of his head, its not as noticeable. lolol

rita said...

Thanks for the tip!!!

Elaine said...

The wedding shawl is looking great! I'm such a big person that I'm not even wishing you evil just so you'll move to a garter stitch shawl so I can win a prize.

rita said...