Friday, August 21, 2009

Where's the knitting content, you ask

There isn't much.

I finished A's pink Panda Silk ankle socks (with beads on the ribbing) Tuesday evening as we drove to the airport which happened to be 600 miles away and on the other side of the Washington Beltway. I mean, I didn't drive, Mike did, so I sat in the back (between) the two kids (Do not make me stop this car!) and we played with the Crack and I knit.

Aside--A CrackBerry is a wonderful, albeit expensive, little way to shut kids up entertain children. It can be really expensive if the little darling accidentally dials India, but A can play games on it like nobody's business. I can't play those games. She's a whiz.

I haven't knit any more of the wedding stole. That requires attention to detail, and I just haven't had the time to pay attention to it. Maybe this weekend.

We're slowly packing things, deciding what to keep, what to sell, what to give away, what to throw away. Mostly books so far. Tom's numbering the boxes and keeping track with a spreadsheet.

Today he's hauling stuff for a small deck that will be added to the back of the house. We have a list of things to do from the real estate agent, mostly cosmetic, mostly things that we can do ourselves, although I'm outsourcing the painting. My niece is a fast, neat painter who actually likes to do it. I hate to, so we'll pay her. We have to fix up the (long) driveway (rain over the last few years has played havoc and it's like a thrill ride) (without the thrill), clean the garage and master bedroom roughed in over it (mostly sweeping), and take just about every personal thing we own out of the house and store it----WHERE?

I've put the place on Craig's List for the DC area; for some reason, people who live in that area like to have a little mountain hideaway. I also listed it on our school system's online bulletin board and almost immediately had a request for more information. This person seems to be interested in hunting; I get that vibe from the emails (Does it border the National Forest? Are there other hunters nearbly?) for some reason. I do not want to know that anyone is going to hunt our babies.

Three more hours and the weekend technically starts for me; probably not, because with only one copier working and hundreds of things to copy, I'll probably be back this weekend. I sent an email out and people are being very understanding. Most of them.

If I don't surface again any time soon, have a lovely weekend!


Georgi said...

When do you plan on moving and did you finally decide which house you are buying?

Knitting Nurd said...

Details, we want details! :=)

rita said...

Tom would like to be in FL by the end of the year, but that depends on selling this house first. The house we want--the cat house, and I'm not sure how much I've said about the houses since I didn't have easy internet access this summer--for some reason really is what we want. Even though it stinks to high heaven and has been empty (of people) for two years, it caught our fancy. Even my daughter loves it, and she's hard to please!

We'd have to pretty much gut it and start over, but if the price is low enough, it would be perfect. It has a decent-sized yard (fenced) and an in-ground pool. Most houses in the Keys have yards that are barely larger than the houses, and we really want more than that. There are a couple of houses that we could move right into, one of them in the lower price range, but one has no yard (house is brand-new and never lived in) and the other is in the flood zone.

If this one sells fast, we'll move faster than anyone believes we can move! I'm racking up comp time, just in case.....