Friday, August 28, 2009

Day 5

175 left.

Good copier ate shit and died this afternoon. Okay, maybe not really, but that's what I was thinking. It wouldn't get over its little temper tantrum ("internal motor failed" or some such crap) after I let it sit, turned off, for an hour. Usually that'll take care of it, but not today. So it can sit there and rust. I'm not calling the tech guy today.

I'll probably regret that on Monday. Or maybe it'll decide to play nice again if it rests for 2.5 days.

A new realtor (#3) is taking someone to see the homestead today. Have I said that before? I can't remember what I wrote last night. Zippy kept interrupting; Tom had gone to bed early, not feeling well (which was no doubt related to his head injury on Wednesday), and Zip just can't handle having me in the living room while Tom's asleep. It's supposed to be the other way around.

Where was I? Oh, the 3rd realtor had someone who wanted what we want to get rid of, and he asked if he could stop by today as they have three other properties they're looking at in the area. We haven't even signed with this guy; he's the first one who sounded like he had any idea about what/how to sell in WV. I'm hoping the guy will buy the place so we can get on with the next part of our lives. I feel like I'm living in this limbo; can't quite leave this place but can't go to the next. I'll feel better once things are more settled.

The cat house. The house that we want. The place we've been mentally renovating and imagining ourselves enjoying the pool. The house that's now has a sale pending financing. That makes me anxious. Dammit, WE saw that place in June, WE went through it twice, WE've been trying to figure out how to get it before it was sold. Actually, I didn't think it would sell.

If that one goes through, there's a back-up plan, if that one doesn't sell first. The other one is a bigger house although in odd rooms, such as a tiny living room that stretches across the front of the house (it's not very deep, although it would function just fine) and the dining room/kitchen stretched out the depth of the house along one side. It has 2 bedrooms with wonderful closets, a den/office, and three bathrooms. Yes. Three. It has a small yard, fenced with a low stone fence, a deck out back, a hot tub, a big storage building/shop, and an outdoor shower. No pool and no room for one, but this place has dropped so low that we could probably just pay for it outright after our house sells.

So. That's how it is going into the weekend. I'll be anxious until we buy a place, but I'll manage.

If I can.


Anonymous said...

Betty said....

Good luck with the realtor today...I hope whoever he brings through falls in love with the place. Then, I hope the cat house becomes available again, just at the right time. The other house is very cute, but would the flood zone be a problem??

Georgi said...

It is ihard to live in limbo like that, I had to do it last year.
what happened to tom's head?

Urban Mom said...

Best of luck with the house! Love the thing about hoping the copier plays nice. I use that strategy with my keys. "if i act like i don't care, they come back"
Re: your kind offer about the computer. i did mull it over and kick it around, but i think i will hold out for a macbook. probably stupid, but i'm on a weird kick lately. but you're comment did make me stop and think, "wow! that is SO nice!"

rita said...

Good things from the realtor, and the guy loves the place, best one of the four he's seen. xxxxxx (fingers crossed)

Tom walked into the front end loader of the tractor, which is frozen in the "up" position. Just a couple of nasty deep cuts and interesting scars.

UM, that's the way the copiers work. If I praise them and they hear me, then they throw a fit. I try to stay very quiet around them, but it's difficult.

Oh well, if you decide you need a little HP, let me know. It's definitely a good little thing (oh gosh, maybe I shouldn't praise it) but I want more storage. I've had some very bad luck with Macs at work; I tend to lose everything that I try to save, so I insisted that they give me a pc if they wanted me to be a secretary. It worked. ;)

Knitting Nurd said...

Okay, I went back and re-read your posts back to the beginning of the week and saw nothing about Tom having an accident with his head. Did I miss something?!?!
Those damn copiers..have I mentioned how much I do NOT miss working on them???
I hope all goes well with the housing situation..just make sure the cat house has a room for me..hehe

rita said...

I'm sorry, Deedee, I've been facebooking and forgot to mention it here. I can't upload photos at home because it takes forever and a day.

Tom walked into the front end loader of the tractor last Wednesday. The stupid loader broke a couple weeks ago and is locked in the upright position. He wasn't paying attention to where he was walking, so he ended up with a gash across his forehead and a nasty one on the bridge of his nose. Of course he wouldn't go to the ER even though he was pouring blood, just cleaned it up and slapped a couple of bandaids on it. It didn't even bruise, and it's healing. He says that scars make a man look interesting. I'd have run for a plastic surgeon if it happened to me!

I'm sick of fighting with these damned machines. The tech is coming in a while to work on the one that's now taking a rest. The guy on the phone told me to try replacing the xerographic module (which was replaced 3 weeks ago and should last considerably longer), but I don't have a spare module because they won't send one until the stupid machine tells me to order it.


And the cat house has three bedrooms, so we can't wait to have visitors!

Elaine said...

Glad to hear Tom's doing OK, there's interest in the house, but you haven't mentioned the shawl. How is that going, hmmm? I hope fabulously provided you decided to take my advice :-)