Friday, August 21, 2009

Another big *sigh*

It was pretty stupid of me, thinking that something would go right this evening.

I hadn't knit any of the wedding stole in days, so I thought I'd try one row. Who needs a lifeline? This is pretty easy.

So no lifeline. Now no life.

I messed up that row so bad that it can't be undone. I'll have to rip the entire thing out to get to the point where I know what to do--and that's to start over completely. I do not have the strength to restart this thing. I've messed up at the same stinking point twice, with two different yarns, and I cannot do it again.

So I'm looking online again for a pattern that is simple enough for a dunce to follow, and it has to be laceweight. Oh, and it has to have thousands of beads.

Aren't there any beautiful patterns that are also really simple? Like simple enough to do in the evenings when work has totally defeated me and my mind no longer works? Somewhere?



Trillian said...

This one is easy, but not that exciting and you'll have to figure out where to put beads

one-skein shawl

Claudia said...

If you do find one that's easy and has beads incorporated, please post the link. I've been looking for something forever. *sigh*

rita said...

Thanks, Trillian; it isn't very exciting, but I'm not sure that my brain is up to exciting. On something like this I could figure the bead placement.

I've spent the last 4 hours (at work, copying crap) looking for something idiot-proof with beads. I don't think I'll find it. But if I do, I will link to it.