Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I only have five minutes

to write this and hit post.

It really is frustrating to be away from internet access. I mean, I can facebook to a certain extent and email, but I can't do much with this blog. There's so much to tell you. It takes forever to type anything in an SMS and text it here, and I can't add photos. I don't think I can add any now because I don't have time.

We've seen dozens of properties and have narrowed our search to two. Of course, they're the two that'll need the most work. The Cat House has a pool (including algae), is owned by the bank, and appears to have been deserted for years, although in this climate, it might just be a few months. Great yard, fenced, house is big enough and we could do so much with it. Unfortunately, it has to be gutted and redone; outside, the deck has to be demolished and remade. Plus whatever is wrong with the pool.

The other one we didn't see till yesterday. I'd been watching it online for months. It appears to be tiny, but it has over 1400 sq feet, 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, and even has a shower out on the deck. It has lots of cool touches the current owner has added. We could move right in and make any changes as we wanted to and had the money to do. It's also the least-expensive of all of the houses we've seen.

It has a smaller yard, but it's all fenced with coral, which really makes it look like Florida. We could do a lot with the yard. And to seal the deal, a Key deer buck wandered up the driveway while we were in the back yard. One of the owner's dogs, a small Pookie-like male, went to greet him. The deer shook his antlers at the dog, who then casually turned and came back toward us. The deer didn't bolt, and the dog didn't bark.

J and her family are coming in tonight and will stay through Sunday. I'm looking forward to it. Then, unfortunately, we have to leave Tuesday morning so the family who owns the condo can use it. There was a death in the family so they'll all be in the area. We plan to take it slow going home.

Later! Hope you're all well.


southerngirl said...

a shower on the deck sounds cool!

and rita, algae is fixable ;)

rita said...

Much easier to get rid of than, say, skunks.....

rita said...

What I'm not so sure of is the smell of cat piss. It would take a shitload of Oxyclean, and probably totally gutting the place. But I'm confident it can be done. :)