Thursday, April 23, 2009

We've got the condo in the Keys for the summer!

I may not make it through the next two months.

Or maybe it'll make it easier, living up here in the cold, cruel north.

We can have the condo for 6 weeks or so this summer. Woohoo; Sisters' Week in the Keys!!!

In other news, Tom will be teaching Anatomy tomorrow.

*waits for comments*


Anonymous said...



How does Tom like subbing?

rita said...

He likes it fine, but wonders why all the kids feel so entitled to the world.



Anonymous said...

Betty said.....

Wooohoooo to the condo and the Keys.


The kids feel entitled because they are teenagers.In their minds, they are smarter than everyone else and know everything. But, we know better.

Diesel said...

Teenagers should be deported to Mexico.

rita said...

Hmmmmm, some of ours are here illegally..... Oh, did I say that out loud?

I say send our teens to the middle east; they'd straighten things out fast. Or not. Either way, they'd be somewhere else.