Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The yarn

Ah yes, the Twilight-inspired yarn.

As I was saying, I ordered this yarn Friday afternoon. According to the UPS records, it was mailed Friday night at 8:50. It arrived in Richmond, Virginia, Sunday night at 11. I wasn't expecting it before Tuesday or Wednesday.

It was here yesterday afternoon, people. Less than three days from start to finish.

The website is Christina Marie Potter and her etsy shop is Woolen Mill St Yarns. Like I said, the service is phenomenal, and the yarn is just what I was looking for. Love love love it! Good prices on her yarns, too.

I'm going to knit another pair of (Black)hearted socks, a hat, and a neckwarmer. I'm thinking of doing the sock hearts in beads this time, if I can find beads before I cast on. This will be my spring break travelling project. (Florida!!! After work Friday!!!)

I'm rereading New Moon. I guess I'll give in and buy the last two in hardback. I prefer paperbacks, but I'm sure that it will be another year or two before Eclipse and Breaking Dawn are available in paperback. And I'll need to reread them before then.


Knitting Nurd said...

Oooooh, that will be the perfect pattern for your new yarn! Can't hardly wait to see them...hurry girlfriend! lol

Georgi said...

I bought the last 2 in hardback, and they were wonderful. I just finished the last one yesterday and I lovvvved it. If you go online at amazon you can buy them used at a fraction of the cost. :-)
Yes, this is from the woman who refused to read them in the beginning. lololol

rita said...

I've started the socks; took a photo but haven't had time to upload it.

Thank you, Georgi; I hadn't thought of getting them used!

Elaine said...

Looks really nice - love to see the photo of how it's knitting up.

rita said...

I've gotten to the foot of the first sock; I forgot to add the hearts on the leg, but I'll try to remember to put one on the foot. Just a few more inches to knit.

Still rereading New Moon. I just cannot get interested in any other books, and I've got several with me. No dice. I'm pathetic.

rita said...

Finished sock 1 and have gotten 3-4" of number 2. I remembered to add the hearts at the top of 2; forgot on the first one, so I put a heart on the foot of the first one.