Thursday, March 05, 2009

We are not happy

with the way that Breaking Dawn is going. Should I just quit reading while I still like the book, although I know that I'll eventually find out what happens on some web site? Or keep reading and end up hating the ending? Do I want to know that badly? I have a very bad feeling that I don't want to know how it ends. It's called "foreshadowing".

See, I remember some things from school. Just not anything to do with math.

Although yesterday I was able to help a couple of kids with their algebra. That's happened twice in the last couple of weeks. Amazing. Something must be rubbing off. I get so excited when I can actually help them with math; they think I'm crazy.

They're right.


morgaine24 said...

stick it out reading breaking dawn it gets good youll be happy you did.

rita said...

I am so afraid.....

Urban Mom said...

face the fear, rita! finish it!


i'm trying to get a post on my blog tonight about B-D. so don't look at it until you finish, just in case i spoil it. i'll try not to, though.


rita said...

I did it. I fought it; I just didn't want it to end the way it felt it was going.

And I'm so glad.

Thank you, guys!