Monday, March 09, 2009

Guess where we are my ass

That worked well.

I took a picture of the US Capitol building as we went through DC last night on the way to Annapolis, MD, but obviously Ntelos lied when it said it went through. Stupid Ntelos anyway.

As we drove past the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, we saw a large camera crew filming or getting ready to film something. There were people dressed alike in black jackets, pants and turtlenecks (shoes too, and probably underwear) all over the place; whether they were actors, extras, or crew, we don't know. They had one of those car-haulers with a camera looking back at the car. Maybe 24 since that's in Washington this season, or Bones, or some movie or other tv show, ad, whatever. If Jack Bauer was there, we didn't see him.

Wouldn't that be cool, though, to go to DC for some sightseeing (it's just a couple of hours from here) see a crew filming something that you actually watch at home on tv or the computer?

So, anyway, we went to Annapolis to see/hear Robert Earl Keen, an Americana/alt country singer/songwriter. We got to the Ramshead Inn? Tavern? a little after 6 and had dinner with Tom's sister, Penny, then went to the show (in the same building). It's too big for me; I think it seats around 300, and the tables were tiny and too close together. There were many idiots who became stupider as the beer went on who whooped and hollered requests during the whole show. One stupid drunk girl danced when "her" song was played; she was so out of it that she couldn't keep time with the music, but she sure thought that she was hot. The guy sitting behind Tom got louder as he drank and kept shouting out the name of some song that nobody recognized and that Keen ignored. Many women texted through the show; at one point Keen asked one to text his friend. It was really really pathetic. You pay $50 each to see this show, then you get smashed, talk loudly, shout, and text throughout it? The show was good, though, but I didn't sleep a bit on the way home (a four-hour drive). My legs get too restless on a long drive and I can't sleep anymore.

We got home around 2 and I couldn't go to sleep. I didn't sleep much Sunday night, either, and it was around 3:30 when I finally drifted off this morning, only to get up at 6:30. I'm cutting back on ambien (and didn't take any last night), so I'm not sleeping as well, but I'm tired of reading for hours during the night, being worn out, and not remembering a thing I read. Plus I tend to eat while I'm reading. No wonder I haven't lost any more weight.

Did I mention that I hate losing that hour in the spring?


Anonymous said...

Betty said...

The picture didn't come through, just a red X. So....where are you????

Trillian said...

you've found the pirate's treasure buried at the red X!

rita said...

I wish we'd dug for the treasure!!!

Elaine said...


Look - I have a magic sleeping secret. I was an insomniac for years and years. Then I discovered books on tape. Pick something with a good reader, and let them drone you to sleep. It really works. I borrow them from the library. I suppose the right sort of music might work, but I KNOW the books on tape works. I'm addicted to them.

So if it works for you, do I get my prize :-)

Knitting Nurd said...

Didn't I tell you insomia and I are best friends? For me, I'm pretty sure it's the caffeine I need to lay off of. If only I liked water...sigh! I like Elaine's suggestion though, so I'm going to start using my Ipod again and see if that helps. My problem with something like that though is I want to do some knitting or crocheting while I listen. Maybe I'll try some elevator music or something. :=)

rita said...

Ha--Elaine, you're going to get your prize anyway (I know, don't hold your breath, but I will send it). I have to sleep with some kind of white noise; my ears ring terribly loudly, and when it's quiet, it drives me nuts. I have an air filter that makes just the right sound.

I don't have an iPod, or even a cassette player, but I'm planning for my next phone to be an mp3 player.

I don't drink Pepsi or tea or coffee after 4 p.m. I learned a long time ago that caffeine keeps me awake.

An elderly lady here at school loaned me a bunch of books on cd a few months ago and I haven't listened to them yet. I really need to drag them out and see if they work!

Elaine said...

I know, I know, I was just kidding.

I bought a really cheap tape player at Walgreens for about $5. It was regularly like $8 but I waited for them to have a sale :-) I'll bet any of the chain drug stores carry these things - Walgreens, CVS, Drug Fair ...

I really hope it works for you KN. Yeah - it's nice knitting or crocheting while listening to books on tape, but this is medicine. I find I fall asleep very quickly with them and even when I wake up to go to the bathroom, I fall right back to sleep when I turn it back on. Often I wind up listening to a book is a very strange order because I fall asleep and it continues to the end and when I wake up, I just flip it over and start from there. Then I go back to the first side. Yeah I know - odd, but hey, it really beats sleeplessness.

rita said...

Anything beats sleepiness-lying-awake.

TV doesn't put me to sleep, but Tom falls asleep the second he sits down.