Monday, March 23, 2009

About that movie...

Target is no longer my BFF.

Maybe I misunderstood. I was going to buy Twilight from Amazon; it included a free 24-hour rental of the movie on the 21st. Maybe I thought that's what Target was offering, but a free download rather than the rental.

So Saturday I checked my email, looking for a link to the download. Wasn't there. I called Target's "customer service"; the woman, who spoke broken English, had no idea what I was talking about. I told her twice that the only reason I bought the movie from Target was to get the free download; otherwise I would have gotten it from Walmart for the same price (so they offered one dvd instead of three. Big deal.) She offered to transfer me to "manufacturing", but she discovered that they are only available Monday through Friday.

Oddly, I wasn't upset that I couldn't watch the movie this weekend. That really didn't bother me. What irritates the crap out of me is that 1) "customer service" offers no service whatsoever, and 2) why bother to order the movie, which won't be delivered before the end of the week, in order to get the download if I have to have the movie in hand before I can access the download? I could have just waited and gone into a store today and bought the damn thing outright.

I could have "rented" the movie from iTunes for $2.99, which is probably what they wanted all along. I bet that a lot of drooling lovestruck girls people did just that.

Now I have to take more of my time to call Target again and complain. I hate that. I hate using the telephone to start with.

Target, you're on notice.


Domie's Mom said...

There is nothing more annoying then false claims and poorly distributed promotions in advertising.
Even worse is ANY form of customer service in a call center.
I feel your pain.

rita said...

When I couldn't get Target's online ordering to work, I called and a very nice woman took my order. That should have made me stop and think; if they have online ordering, why on earth was it not working?

Oh well.

Urban Mom said...

My gift to you, if you haven't come across it already.

Your Enabler

tom said...

What a bummer. I hate feeling lied to or cheated.

rita said...

Thank you, My Enabler! Looks like he foes better as eye candy than a conversationalist.

rita said...

See what happens? DOES. Not FOES.

Courtney said...

Twilight is the BEST movie EVER! I LOVED it, I loved it so much I started reading the books, It has only been a couple days and I have 200 more pages to go until I have read all for books in a matter of days :-) It is just an amazing story I love it and I hope they make movies for all of the books. I will be sad when I am done reading and the story is over but I am sure Shane will be happy I am not locking in my room reading and hissing everytime he goes to interupt me :-) LOL

P.S. I got my yarn :-) :-) THank you!! IT is VERY pretty!

rita said...

We're all doomed, aren't we? ;)