Friday, February 13, 2009

Toner shortage continues

I managed to score 4 bottles of toner today. We're not due to get our shipment till the end of the month (and that's if I believe Xerox), and I had to put the last bottle I had left into one of the copiers yesterday.

At a time when jobs in this division are likely to be cut, I don't want to run out of toner now. I need to keep busy.

I'm hearing some really heartwarming feedback from the faculty, though. It's nice to be told that I'm doing a good job. I appreciate it. I mean, I know that I'm doing a good job, I get things done fast and before they're due, but it's nice to hear it.

On the knitting front, I'm plugging along on my thigh-high legwarmers. I've done about 12" of the second one. Another 6 or so inches and I'll be able to turn the heel, knit a couple of inches in k2p2, then bind off. That day can't come soon enough, although then I'll have to rip out most of the foot of the first one and do the ribbing. They're just too thick to be worn with my good ol' Birkenstocks. But thick is good when it's cold (which it hasn't been for a week--not that I'm complaining, and I hear it will be this weekend).

Tomorrow night we're off to Ashland to see Eric Brace and Peter Cooper. Tom and Scott will tolerate Joan and I drooling panting thoroughly enjoying the hair the view the music. If Liz and Berend are brave enough to come along, I know we'll embarrass them. But give us a break, kids, and don't mess with our high. We old ladies can be tough bitches cookies.

Not that you're old, Joan, really.


Elaine said...

Does this mean another contest :-)

rita said...

Well. I'd thought about that. ;)

~Tonia~ said...

Hopefully the toner will last. I can't believe that they won't come if you need it. Not good business practice.

Where are the pictures of those leg warmers? ;)

Turtle said...

it's always nice to hear when your doing a good job, even when you know you be appreciated! enjoy your trip! also want to see leg warmer pics!

Elaine said...

How was the concert?

rita said...

Great show, and we thoroughly enjoyed it. I bought two more cds to give away. I guess I should get the other stuff all mailed first (some HAS been mailed!!!), but what the heck. Once I clean up the photo of me drooling on Peter I may post something.

Elaine said...

Some has been mailed.

Hey, do you want to give me a heart attack? :-)

Glad the concert was great and drooling can be good.

Knitting Nurd said...

Glad you had a good time g/f!! We want to see pics of the legwarmers!!!

rita said...

Joan got a photo of me drooling. It's not pretty.

Yes, the legwarmers! I may actually finish them before spring! Photos are at school, or on my laptop, but I'm too tired to turn it on. I got caught up trying to airbrush a photo of me this morning, then I got very busy, but I'll get something done. Maybe.

But I did drool.

Rachel O said...

Of course by the time the legwarmers are finished, spring will have come and then by next winter I predict you will be in FL and so you can have a contest for someone to win the legwarmers