Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My hair is shorter than my Dad's

It was zero this morning. Zero. ZERO. Enough, huh?

So guess what I did Monday night?

And I like it! Now I have a real reason to knit lots of hats and learn all kinds of new things. (For example, weekend before last I learned to cable. I'd been putting that off forever because it seemed too hard. But it isn't, and I did it without a cable needle.)

Why did I cut off all my hair?

1) That nasty dark brown was still hanging on the ends.

2) I needed a haircut anyway.

3) Tom has been asking to clipper my hair for years. He likes women with really short hair, so I finally said okay, big boy, show me what you've got.

4) It feels so good. I don't have to comb or brush it. When I wash it, it dries almost immediately without any effort on my part. I don't have to style it.

I sent this photo to A, who wouldn't comment on my hair at all. B2 looked at it and said, "her eyes are red!" (And the red-eye corrector didn't help a bit.)


Georgi said...

I love it! I have wanted to do that for years, however my face is verrrry round and it would not look as good on me.

Kristen said...

it looks super cute!!!

I can't do very short hair either -- I have terrible cowlicks and it would look funky going all diff directions!!

rita said...

Thank you! I've wanted to do it for years, too, but didn't quite have the courage. Now, at 56, I just don't care what anyone else thinks about it.

And I have cowlicks all over the place too, so I figure I'll just indulge them for a while. It's kind of fun!

Only one woman has asked if I did it for medical reasons. I figured I'd get a lot more of that; maybe they're just too polite to say anything.

Knitting Nurd said...

Oh WOW Rita!! I could never do that either with my face shape, but THAT is cute on you!!!

Courtney said...

Looks cute, not many people can pull off short hair! My aunt has short hair like that and she looks super cute too.

Anonymous said...

Betty said....You are very brave to give it a try, and it looks good on you. I have too much of a bumpy head to even think about it. It must be very nice to not have to worry about your hair each morning. You will definitely need some nice, warm hats for those freezing cold mornings, though. Good thing you like to knit!

rita said...

Thanks, guys! Tom wore me down. He used the longest clipper shield (or whatever) and the hair fell. I freaked a bit the firs time I felt it, but I really like it. I don't think it'll be good for summer; my head will sunburn too bad.

Now my head feels like my son's and my grandsons'. I've always loved the way their hair feels. And I don't have to worry about it sticking up in the morning!!!

Elaine said...

Wow - you don't look at all like I imagined. It's so funny - you read someone's blog and put a face to them based on nothing.

I love the way it looks on you. I could never do it because the only time I had short hair like that was after chemo and it is too painful to remember. I used to look at myself and think I looked like death. Several of my colleagues have very short hair and look terrific.

rita said...

Elaine, one person asked me if I did it for "health reasons". I've always admired women who went through chemo and didn't wear wigs once their hair started growing back in and wanted to try mine that short, but I didn't have the courage (or fatigue!!!) until now. And I love it.

But if I'd done it for chemo, I'm sure I'd have the same feelings you do.

And I don't really look like that at all. I'm very slender and muscular and absolutely gorgeous. In my head, that is.