Monday, January 26, 2009

Contest--"You Don't Have to Like Them Both"

I have two copies of the cd, both personally--and personably--signed by Eric Brace and Peter Cooper. Want one? (No, Joan, you already have one.)

Comment by midnight EST tomorrow night (Tuesday). I'll choose the winners by pulling them out of a hat, or if there are a lot of entries, by random number generator.

And I'll mail them. Really. I promise. The others, too. Within the next week, sooner if I can get my ass moving.

Trust me, you'll love them both!


Elaine said...

Glad you had such a good time. Another contest? Really? I don't even recall what I was supposed to have won last time so it doesn't really matter what you send. All you have to do is tell me that was my prize and zipee-doo. I'll be excited. :-)

How long did you say it took to get home? Yeesh. I'm definitely too old for that!

Bismuth said...

I'm always up for free music!

PS, are you ready for ice? I'll take the 6-12 inches of snow, myself.

Rachel O said...

Contest - did someone say contest? Sign me up! :-)

The trip sounds great. An 11 hour car trip - not that great. But glad you had fun.

rita said...

I don't remember, either, Elaine, but it's written down somewhere here.

We had a few inches of snow today and are supposed to get ice tonight and tomorrow. No school today, waiting to hear about tomorrow. First real snow of the year.

Eleven hours. Far too long in a car not headed to Florida, but we still had a great time!

Elaine said...

We're getting the snow tonight into tomorrow - 4 to 8 inches predicted. Unfortunately we still have a layer of ice here so it will be really charming, snow over ice which will freeze so we'll have a nice treacherous layer. They never cancel work for us - never.

Elaine said...

Oh and if you don't remember, then it was several skeins of Claudia's yarn. Really. Really :-)

tom said...

It's a real mess here in NJ. Snow overnight that was plowed and salted and now there is freezing rain and everything is very slippery and miserable. Yuck.

I think Elaine is right about the previous contest prizes. She wouldn't lie about something like that. Nope, not Elaine.

rita said...

Elaine, I'm sure you're right. I trust you!!!!!!!!!!

Elaine said...

And I am sooooo trustworthy.

Today is much nicer - cold but clear so far (8am) although everything is very icy from yesterday's storm. Yesterday my mother flew home from FL - her flight was almost 5 hours late. She's 93. Her cell phone battery died so there was no way to contact her, and I can assure you that Continental did NOT upgrade her. I was so happy when she was safely home.

rita said...

Oh my goodness, your poor mother!!! I'd think that they'd automatically upgrade elderly people if there's room in business/first class. That's downright cruel. I'm glad she got home safely, though. I'd have been in a total panic if I hadn't heard from my mom. Damn cell phone batteries should be better; they always die when I'm at the airport and the flight is delayed. Always.