Friday, December 19, 2008

You Don't Have to Like Them Both

But I do.

Putting the school's mail in the mailboxes is part of my job, so I get first crack at the mail each day. Rarely is there something for me. But today....

There was a square box with my name on it. I thought, "It's the yarn that I won from the KAL." I was wrong.

It was THIS:

(Please excuse the crappy photo. And that thing on the electric stapler is a Last Train Home hat. I was in a hurry to take the photo and didn't do very well.) (I'm supposed to be working, you know. But it's slow today.)

Eric Brace and his wife, Mary Ann Werner, sent us a box of Red Beet Records (see Last Train Home link) products. Including *trumpet fanfare* their latest offering, "You Don't Have to Like Us Both" by Eric and Peter Cooper. Two of those, as a matter of fact, one autographed for Tom and me, and one to *ahem* give away. We were going to buy it (maybe a couple) at the show in Ashland on the 27th, and it was all I could do to wait. Joan feels the same way. Ask her. She'll tell you.

Along with those (as if that weren't enough), they sent TWO each of "Yuletide from the Other Side--More Music from East Nashville" (you can find all of these at the Last Train Home/Red Beet Records site), Last Train Home's "Holiday Limited", and Fassoux McLean's "Early". I think that we have all of them; all that we don't have will be contest prizes.

Stop laughing at me. I mean it. All of my former contest winners' loot will be mailed out next week. Honest. Really. I hope I can find their addresses.

Anyway, thank you, Eric and Mary Ann. What a nice Christmas present, and we get to share it!!!


Elaine said...

Yikes was that nice of them. I guess they appreciate their greatest fan.

rita said...

They are so nice, and they want to spread the word of their accomplishments. Great music; we bought it before we knew them, and now we buy it because we love them.

Anonymous said...

Betty said....

What a nice surprise! Don't you love getting something special when you aren't expecting it? We just don't get many nice surprises these days.

I know you are really looking forward to seeing them on the 27th.

rita said...

And the family, too!

Yes, it was really nice to have something so unexpected.

tom said...

I think this is an omen - this will be a very special year for you with many NICE surprises and this is the first one for 2009.

Happy holidays

Anonymous said...

Joan said...Wow, that's so neat! When you sent me that picture you didn't say from where it came! I thought you were simply spreading out your treasures during a quiet moment at work...That's really cool. (Am I speaking like a child of the '70's? Yes. But I was a tame child of the '70's. Ask anyone)

Anonymous said...

Joan again...Yes, I'm eagerly awaiting the 27th, when family comes for the Christmas celebration, then Marie and Tom head for the show. And bring me the cd right on back. Because you can buy them at the show. And bring them back to your sister. She'll pay you in advance. Really.

rita said...

Tom, I think you're right. And the contest packages will go out this week; remember those contests way back in September that I never sent out? Yeah, those.

Joan, I'm sorry. I was so excited that I wasn't coherent. I was bragging, and it was a slow moment at work. You know me so well!!!

Betty and I were very very tame children of the 60s. Who knows what we missed, but we were happy. Still ae!

And Joan was a very very tame child of the 70s. She was born in the 60s, but it was the late 60s. Really late 60s, like into the 80s. She's not as old as I am.

I wish you'd come to the show with us. I know that Betty won't; I'm betting that Alex will be there with his pedal steel guitar. Which just adds to the show, really.