Sunday, December 14, 2008

An old knitting dog CAN learn new tricks

I taught myself to knit about 8 years ago. It was a slow, painful process. I'd cast on, knit a few uneven rows, then put it away for a couple of months. Every time I started again, I'd have to look up how to cast on, because it sure wasn't sticking in my mind.

After a while, though, it clicked. My stitches became nice and even and I could remember how to cast on. I started knitting regularly.

I'm kind of ashamed to say that I never learned the provisional cast on. If a pattern called for it, I'd find another pattern. My brain just couldn't handle trying another way to cast on. The long tail method was what I first learned, and by golly that's good enough for me.

But this past week I found a pattern for wristlets that is so perfect that I have to make them. And, of course, it calls for a provisional cast on. I sighed then googled, found a site, printed it, and sat down to knit.

I could not figure it out. It looked like a foreign language. So I did some more googling, found another non-video site, and tried it again today.

Still couldn't get it. So I sucked it up and went to Youtube. And I found the perfect explanation.

I don't know why I've avoided Youtube and videos this long. Yes, I do know, I'm lying. I hate computer noises. Startup, "you've got mail", that annoying bleep when I do something wrong. So, for years, I've kept the sound turned off. It pains me to even turn it on to listen to music, and I loves me some music. (Last Train Home, Eric Brace, Peter Cooper)

Anyway, I found this video, Crochet Provisional Cast-On, and watched it once. Suddenly it clicked. I picked up my yarn, crochet hook, and dpn and cast on provisionally. And it worked. The first time.

Wow. I feel empowered. I am Woman. Watch me cast on.

Not really. I'm not up to making a video right now. I'd have to turn the computer's sound back on.

My perfect wristlets: They'll have to be added later. IE froze on me.

And I didn't even have the stinking sound on.

P. S. Another reason I like this video so much--"crocheting" is misspelled. Or is it mispelled?


Trillian said...

Yay new cast-on!

if you ever get into toe-up socks, you can learn Judi's magic cast-on.
there is a youtube video of it, which is amusing in and of its self.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it isn't crocheting that is misspelled. Maybe it is crotcheting that is misspelled. You know, crotcheting: the act of being crotchety.

My daughter, age 10, is learning to knit; her step grandmother and her grandmother showed her how. I've a feeling Santa will be bringing knitting needles for her stocking. It is cool to see her learning something new.


rita said...

I want to learn to make toe-up socks. I've tried a few times and gave up. Thank God for videos! I'll bookmark it.

Neo, I agree. I'm crotchety. Cool that your daughter is learning to knit and has the advantage of having two grandmothers who can teach her.

Anonymous said...

Hey wait a minute! You can't agree that you're crotchety, because I never said YOU were crotchety! That's MY title!


Knitting Nurd said...

You go woman!!! I'm doubly embarrassed to say after all the years I've been knitting and never learned the provisional cast on...somehow I must have avoided patterns that call for it. Oh, and I'm with you on the sound thing..ugh.

rita said...

Can we share, Neo? Ask Tom--I'm crotchety!!!

I deliberately avoided patterns with anything that I'd have to learn, Deedee. Sad, isn't it.