Monday, December 08, 2008


While I was in the main office for a few minutes this morning, a woman called about something she'd left at the school over the weekend. She was very upset and I could understand why.

She'd left her knitting bag, full of knitting, at the school, and it hasn't been found.

That would have been enough to panic me, but I later learned that she had an expensive phone with all of her important info programmed into it.

The bag, the knitting, and especially the phone are most likely gone forever.

Why do people take things that don't belong to them? I've had Pepsis taken out of the main office kitchen fridge, and there aren't that many people who use that fridge who drink regular Pepsi. $10 disappeared out of my desk (someone had paid for books that are sold every few weeks in the mailroom), so that means that someone went through MY desk. This room cannot be locked off from the rest of the main office so that no one can come through after hours.



Georgi said...


rita said...

Sorry, I hit enter, then got called to the main office, then forgot what I was doing, answered an email to you, THEN remembered this!

Knitting Nurd said...

That is just wrong. Did the woman leave it sitting somewhere and just forgot to take it with her? Just wondering. Hopefully, her knitting bag and phone will show up!!! :=)
And to have someone rummaging through your desk? I guess the economy has some people lowering their principles...truly sad.

rita said...

No, it's always been like this, even 14 years ago when I worked for another school system. I don't understand it.

I thought it was a custodian at the other school, but I've never seen one back here in the daytime.

Elaine said...

It used to happen all the time in our kitchen at work. I'd bring a yogurt for lunch - the only brand I like and about half the time it would disappear before I got to eat it. My friend used to buy apples to eat when she wanted a snack, and people would help themselves even though she had them clearly marked in a bag with her name. She wound up buying a locking lunch bag so that people couldn't steal them. At least no one stole her bag.

rita said...

I used to wrap my Pepsi can in masking tape and write on it in Magic Marker, "This belongs to MB--do not take it!" Sometimes it worked.

Then there are those nasty freezer dinners that I bring for lunch; no one will touch them!