Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Another FO and a goodbye

I'm on a roll!

Tonight I knit a hat for Dad in Claudia's chunky Santa Fe, which is a colorway that is unfortunately no longer available. It was discontinued before I worked for her. It's my favorite of all her colorways, although it's difficult for me to "just pick one".

Still no photos. I am lazy.

The main reason I knit it in chunky for Dad is that he took my aunt's elderly German Shepherd wannabe (Cindy was about 40 pounds and probably not purebred, but she was all Shepherd in her actions and devotion) outside three times a day for ages. No matter the weather, Dad went to Dorothy's house, 2 doors up, and took Cindy outside. Cindy was 14, old for a dog her size, and old for the abuse she went through her first two years.

Cindy was a neighbor's dog, but they didn't care for her well, if at all. Cindy would break free if chained and had a route around the neighborhood. She'd go to kids' houses, say hello, then head on to the next stop. When she had puppies and they reached the appropriate age, she took them to neighbors' houses. My aunt and uncle would call Cindy's owner and say she was out, but Cindy was always roaming. Finally, my aunt, who is a dedicated animal lover (it's in the Jinkins' genes) took Cindy into the house, had her neutered (with her owner's blessing), and kept her.

Cindy was a queen for the next 12 years of her life. She was mild-mannered, ruled the roost with a firm yet just hand, and took attention and love as her due, which she deserved. She was beautiful, a small German Shepherd, and devoted to Dorothy and George. She was the perfect dog for them.

Except when she had to go in the car. Cindy hated being in a car. This was the only time she was at odds with Dorothy and George; they loved to travel, but Cindy. Didn't. She won, of course, as was her due. She gave back so much love that they overlooked that one flaw. The only time they made her get into a car was when she needed to see her doctor.

This morning, Cindy took her last ride. She could no longer hear, could barely see, but she kept going until last night. Dorothy knew it was Cindy's time when Cindy could no longer stand up or go to the bathroom once she and Dad were able to get Cindy outside. So she gave Cindy that final gift, a ride to the Rainbow Bridge.

It's so sad that it had to happen right before Christmas. George passed away just a couple of months ago, and now Cindy. But Dorothy has her cats, and I honestly wouldn't be surprised if another lonely, neglected dog comes along and claims a place in her home and heart.

Goodbye, Cindy Cinderella. Look for Roo; he'll show you the ropes.


Anonymous said...

Betty said....

I cried when Mom emailed about Cindy...I know how much Dorothy and Dad loved her, and she was such a gentle, sweet dog. Then, after a while, I smiled, because I got this clear image of George walking toward Cindy with a big smile on his face and he and Cindy going off for a walk, happy to be together again. I think in this case, George was waiting for Cindy across the Rainbow Bridge.

Jenny Girl said...

I'm very sorry to hear about Cindy. Good thoughts and hugs to all of you.

rita said...

Oh my gosh, you're so right! Why didn't I think of that???

Turtle said...

that is so sad. we were worried here when the weather got bad as our golden was so lame she had so much trouble getting around the house but seems better now. So sad to lose a family member.

rita said...

Have you tried glucosamine with your golden, Turtle? Betty gave it to Kipper and it really helped his hips. Cindy took it too for about a year and it helped her to walk and lie down and get up more easily. I hope she contines to be better.

Dogs and cats have been so much a part of our lives, and they really are family members. I can see Cindy with George right now; She absolutely was devoted to him.

Anonymous said...

Betty said...

Synovi G-3 is great for dogs who have hip/joint problems. It has glucosamine and other things in it that the vet said were good for such things and it helped Kipper so much. You can do a search for it online and find it for decent prices...the vet's office here sells it, but it's a lot more expensive there.