Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Main office blues

I've been subbing in the main office all week. I hate subbing in the main office. I hate it with a passion. The phone never stops ringing, sometimes 6 lines at once. No one else seems to know how to work the phone system, so I'm it.

Kids come in for meds for everything from a headache to a broken finger to a pain in the chest. Yesterday one had cut her finger to the bone at home and hadn't bothered to go to her doctor or the ER. She wanted a bandaid because the other one was bloody. Of course, the nurse wasn't here, so I told her that I wouldn't do a thing to it other than put a bandaid on over it, and she should go to her doctor as soon as possible. Dumb kids.

I'm so sick of the phone and the kids that I could scream. I've gone home and gone to bed every night by 6. I miss my copiers, I even miss getting paper jams out. I miss changing the fuser and the xerographic module.

They couldn't pay me enough to do this job full-time.

*throws phone through the window*


Anonymous said...

AAAUUGGHHHH! There, I screamed for you; now you don't have to. Sorry it has been awful. But just think, a holiday weekend! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Rita.


rita said...

Thank you, neo! How are you? I'm so thankful for four days off, then I'm thankful for going back to my copy room!

I hope your Thanksgiving is wonderful, too.

Kathy said...


I know it wasn't meant to be funny, but the way you wrote it made me laugh! Throwing the phone !
You are soooooo honest. Enjoy a few days off!

Rachel O said...

Sounds like Florida is sounding better and better. Maybe Tom's job problem is a blessing in disguise!

rita said...

Oh well, I have to laugh about this stuff or I'll cry, so I choose laughing!

Tomorrow I go back to my little copy office and only have to deal with two temperamental copiers and some demanding teachers! I'll take that over answering the phones any day.