Monday, November 10, 2008

Back to my usual whining

Cold all weekend. Cold, cold, cold. Not much sun.

Instead of finishing one of the big-ass wraps (I bought beads'n'stuff on Friday), I started another one, this one of Claudia's boucle in the Ink colorway. Let me tell you, Ink it is. My hands are black after knitting for a while, and it doesn't come off easily, either. This better be one stunning wrap, let me tell you.

Close-up of the fabric:

Very pretty, but very much a royal pain. I'd forgotten just how much I hate to knit with boucle. I should have used a bigger needle (I used size 10) and fewer stitches, but this stuff is such a bitch to rip out that I won't even attempt it.

I've got to come up with something to use to close them. I just don't like the big buttonhole and haven't had any luck finding suitable buttons, anyway. Even at or ebay. I need 2.5" ones, and on those sites, "big" means 1.5".

I have to pack tonight; FLORIDA Wednesday night! Late Wednesday night! Just a carry-on! Horrors!


Anonymous said...

Betty said...

Yay to going to Florida!

Sorry, I don't know enough about the knitting stuff to comment on it....but the yarn is pretty!

(and thank you for not making me go to any yarn, or kitchen, stores with you lately!!)

rita said...

Any time! I'll stay out of kitchen stores, but Joan might want to go into them. We can always sit outside.

Can't make any promises about yarn stores, though.