Thursday, October 02, 2008

We got winners!

This was hard to judge, trying to decide who was funniest. There's some good stuff here. So I threw it to the random number generator.

Therefore, Elaine wins the Peter Cooper cd and some kind of yarn that I'll dig up to go with it.

Second, Tom-who-is-not-my-husband wins some yarn.

And third, but not third in my heart, rachel o also wins some yarn.

Please contact me with your email addresses, or you can email me your mailing info (m post at harrisonburg dot k12 dot va dot us).

Elaine, I really hope that you'll like Peter's music. He's one of a kind, a good kind.

And he has really cool hair.

A quote I lifted from Peter's website:

"He's a story searcher, a star singer, a balladeer, a town crier; a historian in the grand poetic tradition of chanted verse."
- Folkwax

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