Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Makes me wonder about the future of our country

when a univeristy student makes a statement like this:

" 'What am I gonna remember in 10 years - that I saw Barack Obama or that I failed the test?' asked *******, another senior nursing major who skipped class to make sure she would get a spot inside the Convo."

Please God, don't let her become a nurse. We don't need nurses who are so sure they're going to fail a test that they don't even go to class.

Okay, this was probably taken out of context and possibly said in jest, but that's what our local paper has as the subheading of this article.


Jenny Girl said...

I know a few people who are nurses, and let me tell you, if some of them walked into my hospital room, I would be asking for a transfer!

rita said...

I have to wonder how one can go through all that edumacation and still talk like a backwoods hick, using poor grammar and sounding like idiots! Maybe it's just this area, so rural, but even some teachers are like that. Scary.