Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The boy, again

B2 is going to be a box for Halloween. J wrote,

"Yep, I'm going put some straps on a box and write on it. "Yes, I chose to be a box for Halloween. I am 4 years old. I think outside of the box." Even though he is actually inside the box... people will get it, I hope. He'll be thrilled... unless it rains."

He entertains me.


"I think he just ignores people he doesn't like, anyway. he seems so strong- not at all like A. For example, HalloScream Horror nights are now going on at Universal. They have ghastly commercials on all the time, and the billboards are everywhere. A is scared out of her mind- doesn't even want to look in a mirror at night because "Bloody Mary might come" to her soul!!! I hate those damn commercials. They should not be allowed to be aired during children's programs or during the day, for that matter. They freak me out. On the way home from Preschool today, B2 told me that he wants to go to Universal and stay at their hotel and go to HalloScream. I said, of course, "Are you out of your mind, child???!!! That's scary. I'm not going there." He said, "Well, I want to go." Weirdo. People under 18 can't even go. When the commercial comes on, B2 screams with delight, and laughs, while pretending it's just sooooo scarey. A screams "TURN IT OFFFFFFF!!!" So, who knows, it's probably just the attention he gets from A.


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