Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Twilight Zone

I've been holding off writing about this; it just didn't feel right. But today I have to.

I may have mentioned a time or two that B2 has Visitors and Friends and passes on messages from them. Back in July, while Tom, A, and I were in California, Jennifer called and asked if I'd heard about little Caylee who'd been missing from her home in Orlando for a month, but Mom had just reported it.

They'd gotten home late that night. B2 was asleep next to Jennifer while she watched the news. When the part about Caylee came on, B2 sat up, said, "She's dead." J said, "No, she's just missing." B2 said, with certainty, "No. She's dead. Her mommy hurt her." J asked how she was hurt; B2 slashed his hand across his cheek. Later he told her that Caylee's mom didn't cut her while she was alive.

A couple of days later, B2 told his mommy that Caylee was "behind the big trees." He later told her that she was no longer there; she'd been moved. When he saw a photo on tv of Caylee's mother, he again said, "She killed her."

Lately he's been saying, "Caylee's sad, very sad. But she's okay now. She's just sad." This is the first time that he's said that someone was sad. Always before they've been okay after death, no matter how they died (usually violently).

J called me this morning because she saw, on tv, policemen looking for Caylee. In the trees.

So many people have told J that she should call the police with the information B2 has given her. A 4-year-old kid who has Visitors? Sure, lady. And just how does he know this stuff? Uh huh.

It'll be interesting to see if poor Caylee is found and any of B2's "visions" are true. For now, B2's just saying, "She's very sad. I don't want to talk about it."


Anonymous said...

That is truly weird.

By the way, did you pick the contest winners yet? Did I miss it? I know I probably didn't win but ... well you can never tell :-)

rita said...

Yes, I've picked the wineers, and I've picked the prizes, but I've been sick and haven't put the two together. I will very soon, I promise!

Jenny Girl said...

There is really not much you can sy to this. I don't think I would call the police, since he is 4 years old. What if he is right, and it gets out, you know? Better to just say some prayers and comfort B2.

rita said...

Yes, that's what we've thought, jenny girl. He's been on dead-on (bad pun, in this context) so many times, but it's usually after the fact, even years after. It seems that small children who meet violent deaths hang around, probably scared and wondering what happened, and they somehow end up talking to him. Some of the details he knows are things that people just wouldn't know.

I know this is all heeby-jeeby and weird, but he really does seem to have a gift of communicating with the dead. Not everyone, of course, but many.