Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Casting on again

I admit it. I can't finish one project without casting on several others while I'm working on the first one. I lose focus easily, get bored with what I'm knitting, so I switch around.

I've finished all of my friend's BYOB except the handles. They require some concentration, something which is in short supply these days, so I cast on my coral Bam Boo Tropical Tee (Oat Couture) again. That's the one that I'd almost finished on vacation then realized that it was much wider than it should have been. So that one was frogged and wound into (many) balls and forgotten for a month. I started it again last week and am now almost to the sleeve increases.

It took three tries to get that photo uploaded in the right orientation. It kept rotating it. So I rotated the original and uploaded that one, hoping that would straighten it out. Didn't work that way. So I went back to the original, and somehow, someway, it came out right this time.

So I'm getting along well with that project. Naturally, I had to start another one. One of my co-workers bought a 3-button wrap that is simplicity itself, knit in cotton. It has three huge buttons and one buttonhole. She loves it and would like more; I saw a really easy challenge and jumped on it with all fours. No doubt that statement will come back and bite me in the butt, but so far so good.

I'm knitting mine of Claudia's worsted in the Roasted Chilies colorway. It is gorgeous. I've only knit an inch or so (I started it last night around 8) (past my bedtime), but I love it. I measured Bev's wrap, estimated stitches per inch, made a swatch (see, guys, I really DO swatch!) and got my stitches per inch, then multiplied by the width I wanted ( about two inches wider than Bev's, since she's petite), and cast on. After 10" I'll make a buttonhole, then continue until I hit about 61". All stockinette stitch. I hate purling, but for this I have to.

Several women are showing interest in the wrap. If I like it enough, maybe I'll do some custom work.


Knitting Nurd said...

Ohhhhh....when do we get to see it?!?!?

rita said...

The wrap? When I get a photo of it; I've only knit about an inch because I had to rip it out and start over. It was too wide.

Kathy said...

Yes I agree nurd, when do we get to see it? I love your coral byob. What kind of wine is that???

rita said...


Don't you love a smartass?

rita said...

Mars and Venus merlot. Really really good.

Jenny Girl said...

Custom knitting work?? Won't that take some of the joy out of it...deadlines and such.

I like this coral/pink family color tank top. Cute!

rita said...

Deadline? What is this notion? I finished Claudia's shawl test knit two months ago and haven't given it to her yet, and I get paid in YARN for that.

No, actually, this is mindless knitting, and God I need that. I don't have to think, don't even need a whole lot of light. And if I get paid for it, then that's just a bonus.

Besides, I get the first one.