Friday, September 26, 2008

Blogaversary contest

If you like, I will announce the winners of the Blogaversary Contest that occurred over a month ago, and being basically a sloth, I've taken forever to get around to finding prizes and matching them with winners.

So I'm going to announce the winners. I don't remember exactly what yarns I chose, but I'll try to match them up correctly.

Courtney, of course, gets a prize for sending the most people. Hers is a hank of beautiful Claudia Hand Painted Yarn, large loop boucle, in the colorway (I think) Carnival. It's gorgeous, yellows and reds and I think purple and blue and probably some green. There's enough for a nice big old scarf, and it's really warm.

3rd place goes to Turtle, not sent by Courtney, who wins two balls of Knit Picks sock yarn, colorway Coral. Beautiful stuff, and it does make some nice socks. I used part of a skein (not one that I'm giving away!) on the toes and ruffle of my Red Wagon socks.

2nd goes to jennygirl, sent by Courtney, who wins three balls of Knit Picks wool (can't remember the name of it) that's good for felting, baby blue. I was going to knit and felt some bags and bowls and things and never did. So jennygirl profits from my laziness.

1st place is Georgi, who wasn't sent by Courtney, somehow! She wins the cd, Last Train Home's Live at IOTA (which happens to be where we're going tonight and Sunday, to see Last Train Home live at IOTA), and six balls of Knit Pick's wool (same type as jennygirl's) in the colorway Hyacinth, I think. I was going to knit and felt a bag for my sister, never did, so Georgi, it's yours! I really really hope that you'll like Last Train Home.

So, ladies, please send me your emails so I can get your shipping information. Who knows when the hell I'll actually send the stuff out, but you'll get it before say, Thanksgiving. Better make that Halloween, huh?

Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to all who entered. You've given me many new blogs to read and new friends.


Courtney said...

Yay! :-) :-) I am pretty sure you know my email address :-) But just in case... :-)

rita said...

Got it! I hope you like big fuzzy brightly colored yarn; I made one scarf in it and it's gorgeous.

Turtle said...

Yeah! So fun! here is my email: Thank you!!

Georgi said...

Wow, this is very cool. I will email you in a few. Thank you!

rita said...

Thank you all for showing up here!

Jenny Girl said...

Yea! I can't believe I won! You made my evening Rita! Thanks.

I am glad we "met" too!