Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My day so far

0700 La te da, unlock the doors, pick up some papers off the surprisingly small pile, start copying.

0730 People are trickling in, adding to the "to be copied" piles, but I'm way ahead of them.

0800 Things are going surprisingly well. Copiers working well, only jamming occasionally.

0830 Damn, one copier keeps jamming for some reason, but the other one is working well. I'm still ahead of the curve.

0900 The principal asks if she needs to send out an email reminder to the faculty to only copy what's absolutely necessary for the first couple of days of school, since teachers are notorious for wanting the entire semester's worth of papers copied all at once. Nope, I say with a smile, they're doing pretty well.

1000 I call the former "copy girl" (who is young enough to be my granddaughter) and leave a message for help with the recalcitrant copier. Never hear back from her. She's put this job behind her.

1100 Will these people quit adding to the pile? I mean, I've finished today's copies, but tomorrow's and Friday's could use the resources of an entire forest.

1110 Lunch time. Go away. Just because you're in Honors Band doesn't mean you get to hop in any old time and make two copies of your precious music.

1200 Wow, the day sure seems long. It's been 12:00 for what seems like hours.

1328 Geez, no wonder. The damn clock battery went dead.

1400 Giving the bad copier time-out didn't help. Call the copy repairman. Curse teachers who keep coming in with yet more copies to be made. What the hell are they teaching that requires so much of my time and energy?

1430 Poor planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on mine.

1500 They're leaving. Good. Now I won't have to staple anyone.

1505 Eat banana. It's damn hot in this room, and of course the fan quit working two days ago.

1530 If I turn my desk around and can't see Them, do I have to acknowledge that They exist? Will mull it over tonight over a bottle of wine.

Whose idea was this, anyway?


Anonymous said...

Betty said...

Oh uh, the honeymoon is over! I hope the copy machine makes a speedy recovery.

Anonymous said...

Betty said...

Okay, "Oh uh" doesn't make sense. I meant Uh Oh. Duh. I must need a nap.

Knit and fall back in it said...

That sounds like a day right out of my own life. The days, they all start out pretty good, but it never lasts. :) There is usually quite a bit of day left at the end of my patience.

Knitting Nurd said...

So what was the prognosis for the stubborn beast? Worn out rollers? I used to repair those darn things, remember? :=) Sometimes it's just a matter of the paper being stored in too humid of a room too. Whoever invented wine was a genius I tell ya!

Kathy said...

Oh so funny. So sorry it started out crazy. I came from Knit and Fall Back in it. Love your blog!

rita said...

Actually, I still love my job. I just don't love the teachers who think they need a six-weeks' worth of paperwork in one day. There are about 200 employees at this one school alone.

Day left at the end of my patience. I sense another sign!

The bad copier had a nice paper jam. I've never seen so little paper wadded into such a tight mess. The guy had to take the bottom two trays out and crawl under the damn thing. I don't know how to get the trays out, and my hand doesn't fit through the tiny space at the top of the trays.

Today the second copier started doing the same thing, but after some cursing, praying, and knocking on wood, it kept working. Good thing the school has maintenance contracts on their copiers!

Two hundred yellow copies of Homework Option 2, and two hundred blue copies of Homework Option 3. I've seen it all now. I hope.

I turned on the dehumidifier yesterday; the former secretary said that she didn't use it, although she kept a thermometer/humidity-reader-thingy in the room. It hasn't gotten above 77 degrees and more than 49% humidity, but I turned it on anyway. It does move some air around.

Welcome, Kathy! I'm thrilled to have a new reader!

madonnaearth said...

LOL at the list for the day! I can so relate to the "Thank God they're leaving" joy.