Monday, July 07, 2008

Last Train Home

While I'm avoiding packing, I'm going to show all y'all some photos of the Last Train Home show at Ashland Coffee and Tea back on June 21.

We also saw them in Roanoke the night before; I think I've already mentioned that. Maybe too many times. 202 is a fantastic restaurant in the Market area; the food was so pretty that I wanted to photograph it, but it's such an upscale-type place that I was too chicken to do so. Believe me, that's saying a lot. I'll photograph anything anywhere.

Fayssoux McLean opened for them. She's a very sweet lady who taught school until this June, when she retired after the release of her first album, Early. She's got a beautiful voice and has such a genuine presence on stage. She's still trying to take in that she has released a real live cd.

This isn't a good photo, but it's what I've got.

"Throw my ticket out the window......." They opened with one of my favorite LTH songs, Tonight I'll Be Staying Here with You by Bob Dylan.

I wish I could remember the story that Tom Mason was telling. He's a sometimes-member of the band, and he's damn good. And fun.

While I'm waiting for the photo to upload, may I interject that I just saw another creepy big plastic head Burger King commercial? With a little Burger King? Please, just stop it, Burger King! Every time I think it's safe to go back (love their burgers, although I'm trying to stop eating burgers, so nevermind) to that damned place, another one of those creepy freaky commercials comes out. Good God.

I hate that damned creepy king.

Back to Last Train Home.

The cute kid playing steel guitar that weekend is Alex McCullough. I thought he was about 18; he's 33. He's the same age as my son.

And a good time was had by all.

By the way, LTH will be in Harrisonburg at Clementine on July 18, while WE are in California. Geez. Go if you're in the area; the cover charge is only $5, and they're worth far more than that. And the food at Clementine is some of the best you'll ever have.


Antevasin said...

You cracked me up with the interjection about Burger King..LOL
Probably a good thing I rarely watch tv.
If LTH ever makes it to California, I have been convinced they are a must see! I shall be first in the ticket line. :=)

rita said...

I'll tell Eric!

I hate that Burger King. I cannot eat there as long as they keep showing those freaky sick commercials!

Anonymous said...

Betty said....

I really do understand your love of LTH because listening to your favorite music is very important and there's nothing wrong with a healthy obsession, when it comes to music. And you are kind enough to go with me to see my favorite musician everytime he comes anywhere near, or not so near, us, so I can certainly listen to your favorite LTH CD with you.

I also cannot stand that freaky Burger King thing. Yuck.

That's all.

rita said...

The big plastic headed Burger King just totally freaks me out. He's a perv. And now he has a big plastic headed kid. It's just so wrong.

Music obsessions are always healthy, unless you stalk the musicians by finding their bus and hanging around in the -0 wind chill on an icy February night waiting for the musician to come outside, and you know he HAS to come that way because that's where his bus is, and you meet his lead guitar player who kindly poses for pictures even though the wind is deadly cold, and. Oh. Never mind.

Anonymous said...

Betty said.....

Wait! You aren't talking about the time that you and Joan STALKED OUT DON HENLEY AND GOT ON HIS TOUR BUS are you? I didn't think so.