Monday, July 07, 2008

I wuz tagged

By my dear friend, Deedee, I was tagged for this meme. I'm not going to tag anyone because I've got to hurry and finish packing/getting things ready (meaning my yarn and needles) to leave in the morning. Three weeks. I won't be home till the end of July.

The Rules: "The rules of the game get posted at the beginning. Each player answers the questions about themselves. At the end of the post, the player then tags five people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs, leaving them a comment about being tagged, inviting them to read your blog. Let the person who tagged you know when you've posted your answers."

What was I doing ten years ago? Can I even remember that far back? Maybe moving from one townhouse to another? I hate moving. No grandkids yet, not even thinking of any. I didn't know I wanted them till my daughter told me she was pregnant, which was 9 years ago in May. I don't think I'd started knitting yet. I read a lot and dealt with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, had 3 dogs (all of whom are gone today) who kept me going throughout my illness. Without them, I don't think I'd have gotten out of bed most days. I certainly didn't think I'd be married now!

What are five things on my to-do list for today? 1) finish packing for 3 weeks of vacation. One carryon, honest. With a tote bag for my book, camera, and several easy knitting projects. Almost finished with this one. Except the tote. That requires more thought.
2) Update my blog. 3) Take photos off this laptop and put onto backup drive. 4) Talk to my daughter when she's seen her breast surgeon. (turns out the appointment is on Wednesday.) 5) Download photos from camera. Oh well.

What are some snacks I enjoy? buttered popcorn, potato chips, m&ms, just about anything that's not good for me. I allow myself 15 m&ms each evening, don't eat potato chips, and can only have buttered popcorn on weekends. And today I tried on some pants that didn't fit me a month ago, and they fit!!! I haven't weighed in two weeks, but something must be working.

Oh, and wine. Red wine with anything.

What would I do if I was to become a billionaire? All of my family and Tom's would have everything they needed for the rest of their lives; I'd contribute a lot of it to animal rescues; travel travel travel; retire in Florida and California and maybe France and Germany for a while; give money to fight neuroblastoma (just a few million would really get it going well); fly anywhere we wanted on a moment's notice and not worry about how much it costs; never live in a cold place again. Ever. And I'd buy the books I loved as a child, and not worry that one of them costs $450.

And I'd pay Last Train Home to play at our house four times a year. What the heck, six times. And to fly up Steve Wedemeyer to play with them each time, along with Tom Mason, and both of the steel guitar players, and anyone else they wanted to bring with them.

Where are the places I have lived? Virginia and West Virginia.

What are the jobs I have had? Mommy, teaching assistant for 26 years, which I hope will turn into school secretary in August (and it looks good!!!), yarn technician. But I think I got fired from that one two weeks ago.

So! Back to laundry!

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