Wednesday, July 23, 2008

About stalking Don Henley

From my sister Joan, who stalked with me:

Hey, I'm the sister who was with you, and WE DIDN'T STALK! We waited patiently (and frozenly) until he left the venue and got onto his bus. He was kind and generous with his time and autographs, and even followed the law (from what he said) and would not sign my dollar bills, because "it's a federal offense!" I still don't think you scared him. True, he didn't feel well, and he's not as tall as we are and didn't have on a big fluffy jacket like you did, but he was on his nice warm bus and didn't need one. And he stayed seated while we stood there (one of us on the bus at a time, I might add, which was truly a cool thing (okay, a security thing for him, cool for us), so no, you didn't scare him. Unless you saw fear in his eyes or he jumped up and ran to the back of the bus or he screamed and you never told me. Is that what happened? You can tell me.

Yes, there was fear in his eyes, or was it just exhaustion? And that nice, fluffy jacket was just plain old puffy, and it smelled like my poor old doggie Murphy who smelled like Fritos because of her skin condition. So, yeah, we sort of stalked him.

And yes, it was cool.

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