Thursday, June 19, 2008


From MSN's Most Cringeworthy Men ( 1=32001">>1=32001 )

"The "Burger King"

You know who we're talking about. It's that guy from the Burger King ads wearing tights and a giant plastic head, the one lurking around every corner with a Whopper or a breakfast croissant hidden behind his back. Is he really a "man," in the same sense as everyone else on this list? We don't think it matters. Sure, it's hard to get all cringed out over someone who is essentially just an advertising gimmick, but there's something about that unsettlingly large plastic head with its frozen stare and overeager grin that makes us uneasy. One thing's for sure: We would never accept any food offered by him, no matter what kind of tray he serves it on, or how long he's been standing there at the foot of our bed."


"Tom Cruise

Not only did Tom jump on Oprah's couch, he nearly pinned her down in a weird hand tackle-hug! (Search "Tom Cruise Kills Oprah" on YouTube for a hilariously doctored 15-second clip.) Yet for as much ridicule as Cruise has received, the couch incident had an upside: It was probably the most spontaneous thing he's done in the media in years. Most of Cruise's public appearances, like Oprah's recent damage-control visit to his Colorado retreat, feel like public relations attempts to maintain the image of a man who has it all together. Where is the fun guy who danced in his underwear in "Risky Business" or who buzzed the tower in "Top Gun"? Sure, Cruise was in character in those moments, but the Tom of 2008 seems more interested giving unsolicited advice on postpartum depression or arguing with Matt Lauer on "Today." Sorry Mav, we've lost that lovin' feeling."


Knit and fall back in it said...

I gotta admit that guy freaks me out a little - and so does the burger king.

rita said...

Hahahahahahahahahaha! Love it!!!