Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I had another one. Eyeball injection. For some reason it hurt more this time; not during the injection, but the next day. The injection didn't hurt at all. Love those numbing drops!

The latest seepage (I guess the correct word is extrudate, if there is such a word) in my eyeball has almost dried up, which means that I'm regaining my sight in that part of my eye. I'll probably never totally regain the sight I lost from the original "event" because I didn't have an injection right away; the doctor kept saying my sight was too "good". Knowing what I now know, I wish he'd given me the injections right away anyway, since I've permanently lost about 20% of my central vision in that eye.

But I really can't be upset with him, because Lucentis was only approved a few weeks before my first visit to the retinologist, and it can cause more damage if things don't go right. I'm thankful that I found that doctor (the first retinologist told me I'd just go blind in that eye) and that Lucentis is now available.

I've had six injections so far, and I'm destined to have more every few months (approximately) for the rest of my life. Insurance has covered it so far, and the price of the drug has dropped a bit, so maybe my insurance will continue to cover it. I guess I'll have to keep this insurance for the rest of my life so this won't be a preexisting condition.

Off-topic, I only have to work two more days at school until August. I'm ready for a break.


Eclectic_VT said...

Geez!!!! I hope it gets better!

rita said...

I'll never regain the sight I lost in the first go-round; the doctor said I might, but it's been almost a year since the first injection and it hasn't come back. Maybe a little bit of it, but not enough. Good thing my right eye is the stronger one!