Thursday, April 17, 2008

Saturday night's show

I mentioned before that we saw Bill Kirchen at AC&T on Saturday night. It was a great show, fun, lively. See if you can guess how old he is: (Not you, Tom; you know how old he is!)

He is 60!!! Tom is 62, and he looks a lot younger.

He's a really personable man, friendly, upbeat. This is Joan with us; she's my younger sister (one of 3).

Knitting content:

By the way, I'm wearing the bamboo t-top (Oat Couture, Tropical Tee, love the pattern) that I knit last year and never blocked. The side seams twist, which I don't like, but not having the motivation to block it, I just ended up wearing it and pulling it into place occasionally. It really doesn't pull that much over my boobs; it's a little loose, and by the end of the evening it was really droopy (not my boobs. I'm wearing my Soma bra.). I washed the tee in the washing machine last night (no hand-washing for me) and it came out looking a lot better. I laid it to dry and I'll see how it did tonight. I hope that takes care of the twisting seams, but I'm not counting on it.

I'm going to knit another Tropical Tee in coral bamboo, a size smaller, a couple of inches shorter, and with longer sleeves. Maybe a tiny bit of shaping at the (I wish I had a) waist. This one is knit with Southwest Trading Company's bamboo; the second will be Classic Elite Bam Boo. I'm curious to see how the two compare.

FO: I finished Joan's birthday socks this week, too late to give them to her this past weekend, but they're finally done. I started them in August of last year for her early September birthday. Now they're finished and I've cast on for a pair of (black)hearted socks in Claudia's Red Wagon colorway, all bright and springy.

Joan's socks, fini:

On to springtime with Red Wagon!


Anonymous said...

Betty said....

Ha! I just sent you an email saying that it's a good picture of all of you, but that is one old looking rocker! But, you know that age doesn't bother me a bit when it comes to good singers (i.e. Neil 'He's Still Got It' Diamond). I'm glad that you enjoyed the show.

rita said...

Yes, he's an old looker!!! I wonder if it's genetics or a rough life on the road? He does a good show, though.

Woohoo, ND! What we spend to entertain ourselves.

Antevasin said...

Whoa Nelly! I was going to guess something like 86 for the dude! I told Scooter last night with all the digging in the yard I got him doing, I'm just helping him out by reversing his aging process..not sure he's buying that one! lol
And yeah to what Betty said..that is a very good picture of y'all!!
Ohhh, I can hardly wait to see your red wagon socks! That is such a cute name for a colorway...I love it!

rita said...

I figured he had to be at least 75; my dad is 78 and looks much younger!

Good luck convincing Scooter of that; if he falls for it, I've got some flower-bed making he can work on!

Anonymous said...

These are by far the very COOLEST socks I have seen yet...

rita said...

Isn't that great yarn? I got it on etsy; the woman dyes it to stripe like that. I wouldn't do that much work for the price she charges!