Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Random photos

My cousin's dog, Blue:

This computer is so slow uploading these things that I'm going to try one more; if it doesn't move any faster, I'm gonna quit.

Flowers at school:

Okay, it's taken 8 minutes (so far) to upload those two photos, so enough of that for today.

Tom had hernia surgery yesterday, outpatient. We both thought it would be laparascopic, but I guess that's why one is supposed to actually read the disclosure things one has to sign before surgery. Surprise! Anyway, lack of sleep is causing me to be uncharacteristically impatient, so time to quit.

You're welcome for the hearty laugh that last sentence caused.


Antevasin said...

Awwww, I so know what you're going through. Sometimes I think they give the pain meds to the wrong person! Hope the both of you recover quickly!!

rita said...

Back at school, full of caffeine, ready for lunch! Tom just sent me an email, so he's up, too. New drugs = good!

Thanks, sweetie.