Saturday, April 19, 2008


This is the best photo I've taken so far with my new camera:

Using the "super macro" button on the camera, I caught this (very sluggish, or otherwise I wouldn't have touched the doorknob) wasp in our garage.

Here's a view of the redbud and some white-flowering tree in our back yard; note our West Virginia storage shed:

Today has been chilly and wet in Spruce Pine, NC. I see that it's been in the upper 70s at home today. We didn't go to Biltmore; at $49 a person it wasn't worth it in the rain, and it was too foggy on the mountain to want to drive to any gem mines.

This is one of our adult female deer; one or more of the others have been beating the tar out of her and some of the others. She has boo boos all over from bites and flying hooves. I caught her in a rather unladylike position, but it tickles me, so here she is (we don't know her name; she hasn't shared it with us):

And, last, my favorite yarn photo so far:


Anonymous said...

Betty said...

The comments don't seem to be going through...I'll try again. I also tried to post yesterday and those never showed up either. So, if you think people are ignoring you, it's Blogger's fault!

Enjoy the rest of your trip.

Janice said...

Nice to meet you Rita!! Thank you for the comment. I am envious of your new camera, I want one! I will enjoy going back and reading about you and getting to know a new blogging friend.

Anonymous said...

Glad you are having fun with the new camera!


rita said...

Thank you all! I swear that, like Betty, I wrote to thank Janice for reading my blog, and to tell neo hi! What's up, Blogger???