Tuesday, April 15, 2008

On the road again

I don't remember the last time we stayed home for the weekend. I'm not complaining, just wondering. Let me see if I can remember where we've gone.

Last weekend we went to Ashland Coffee and Tea on Friday night to hear Tom Russell. (I'm too lazy to link today.) He's a fairly good singer-songwriter, but not much of a showman. The next night a guy that Tom likes was going to be there, so we bought tickets for that show.

Saturday night we heard Bill Kirchen and Too Much Fun at the same place. My sister, Joan, and her husband, Scott, came with us (I begged them, just in case the show was as boring uninspiring as the Friday night show). This one was a lot of, well, fun. Bill is only 60 but looks considerably older, and for an old guy, he sure can rock. (Remember that this is coming from a 55-year-old.)

The weekend before we went to Saturday night and Sunday afternoon Last Train Home shows in Arlington.

And, this coming weekend, we're going to Johnson City, Tennessee, to hear Last Train Home again, then spend the weekend at my cousin's hotel, the Skyline Village Inn. Maybe go to Biltmore on Saturday afternoon (if I get out of bed) or, if the weather's bad, to one of the gem mines in the area.

I think that we'll actually be home the following weekend, unless some show pops up. But the first weekend of May we'll go to a benefit in Richmond (I don't remember what it's for) headlined by Bill Kirchen and Jerry Jeff Walker. We went all the way to Belize last year to see 3 Jerry Jeff shows, so Richmond isn't such a stretch.

Maybe by that time, it'll be warmer and we'll be able to spend some time outdoors on the weekends. I can only hope.


Antevasin said...

You just keep them walking shoes warmed up...there's a lot to do here in Northern California too! :=) It's nice to see you're having such a great time!

rita said...

I'm really looking forward to N CA. We didn't spend as much time there last trip, but this one we'll take it slower and stop more along the way. It should be fun. And then there's you to meet!

Cass said...

OHMYGOSH You'll be here in MY town and I'll be OUT OF TOWN!!!! AAAGH!!! I would have loved to have met up in person. Have a great trip and enjoy the show! XOXO

rita said...

Cass, you can make up for it by telling me where the good yarn stores are. ;)