Sunday, April 06, 2008

Eric Brace has perfect teeth

That's all I can say right now.


Antevasin said...
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Antevasin said...

Hope Tom took smelling salts with him! hehehe :=)
I'm just curious...I've never seen this 'aparelho' person before in blogland and trust me, I get around..I live in blogland! Not only that, the website they give is all in spanish?!!? Do you speak Spanish rita?

rita said...

I took French in high school many, many years ago. I even took a course in college. I've never been able to put together three words in French.

Until I tried to learn Spanish, that is. Suddenly the French is in my brain. I can't remember it until someone says something in Spanish, then the answer, full-blown, is there in French.

Big help, huh?

No, I certainly don't speak any foreign language! I've learned a few words in Spanish due to working with staff and kids who speak Spanish, and now at Claudia's; she has some new Hispanic staff who speak very little English. Thursday I worked with one of them, a lady who catches on very quickly when shown what to do, but she speaks almost no English. There, once again, my French was so helpful. But we managed to do what we needed to do, and she did a great job, much faster than I did, I might add!

I've got to find out how to delete that comment. I've never heard of the person, and I'm sure that some combination of words that I wrote attracted him/her! Probably spam.

Tom thinks I have the hots for Eric anyway, and I don't. Wellll, just a little, but not THAT way! He's a great singer/songwriter/conversationalist.