Thursday, March 27, 2008

My Three Sisters

(Or, if they aren't willing to share in this incredible venture, I'll take offers from up to two or three others.)

Today we found The House. It's perfect. All tile floors, lots of windows, huge kitchen and great room, six bedrooms and six baths; five bedrooms have private baths.

Here's the plan. This palace, on two full acres, entirely fenced, is--get this--only $270,000. Yes. You read that right. (Okay, the guy who showed it to us doesn't speak English too well, but I asked over and over, pointing to the price on the spec sheet, and he agreed every time. Yes, 270 thou, yes, two acres. From there to there.

Okay, there are four of us and assorted husbands. Each of us only needs to kick in $70,000 right now (cash preferred; Tom doesn't want to sell that old Porsche yet) and we've got us a mansion in the agricultural area of Homestead, Florida, near the Everglades (and thus the necessity for a fenced yard). Of course, since we found it, Tom and I would get the master suite (wait till you see the photos; getting ready to go to a Brazilian restaurant for dinner, so I can't download them now), but the rest of you can pick your bedrooms. The one in the front is almost a suite.

There's a dining room, a media room, a room that has glass doors but has open arches into another room, a beautiful lanai, on and on and on.

I figure we can have a maximum of 10 dogs, fewer is the dogs are big, maybe more if they're Yorkie or Chihuahua size. We'll have a Great Dane as a guard dog.

So, who's up for this? I'm making a list. Show you the photos later.


Anonymous said...

Betty says.....

It sounds wonderful! I wish.....
That's just too far for me to travel back and forth at this point in my life....and, hey, if I can't have the master suite, forget it. Just kidding! One of these days......that really is a good price. Sigh.

elisa said...

It sounds dreamy! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it works out, because seriously, 6 br and 2 acres for $270K? Awesome!!!

rita said...

Betty--MIA is nearby. There's an airport at Homestead.

It's wonderful, Elisa, too good to be true, especially since we can't buy one for another two or three years. So, this sort of makes me sick. No, it makes me very sick. Someone will snap it up and won't love it like I would. And we'd have a Great Dane for a guard dog and everything.


Hey, Elisa, you interested in being one of my sisters?