Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Got some knittin' to show you! Last night I finished one (black)hearted sock. I love it. See for yourself.

The only modification I'd make is to add 4 or 8 stitches. I didn't when I started knitting because my brain is too numb to figure out how to do it. Uh, duh, there are four hearts, add one or two stitches between each heart.

It's a little snug because I usually use 68 or 72 stitches for a sock, plus this one only has ribbing at the top, not all the way down the foot as usual. But it was so nice to knit, just mindless stockinette once I got past the hearts. I did drop a couple of stitches (which I managed to pick up a few rows later, one badly), because I was knitting in the dark, more or less, before two Last Train Home shows last weekend. In light (ha!) of that, these are now my (black)hearted aka Last Train Home socks.

Heart detail:

They aren't the best, but they're the first ones I've done. I'll probably knit more of this pattern because they're so cute. I might make them of my spring yarn, Red Wagon. I think I posted a photo of that down a few posts.

For you kitty people, here's our Miss Lily, aka Fat Cat, aka Will You Quit Clawing Me B*tch.

And our current deer herd, composed of Old Mommy, her baby Charlotte, Molly the boy deer, and several others that we can't tell apart, but they probably had names when they were babies.


Antevasin said...

Molly, the BOY deer?!!? hahahaha I love your sock(s)!!! Funny how we give them names, huh? I'm working on some ankle socks for my mom again and I'm calling them the 'Nemo' socks because of the way they are striping. LOL I'm so glad you've gotten some knitting in and Red Wagon is a very pretty colorway! You go gurl!!!

rita said...

Welllll, you know, until the boy deer start growing their little horns, you can't tell them apart from the little girl deer (can't get close enough to check!), so we just name them. I like the name Molly, so that was given to, uh, Molly. When the horn buds appeared, I tried calling him Sammy, but it just didn't stick. He just isn't a Sammy.

I just recently started naming my socks. It's fun and gives them some individual identity, rather than "those blue socks with the brown spots".

And wait till you hear who I'm knitting for....... (and I work in a school, shame on me)

~Tonia~ said...

The socks look great!

Lily is adorable. She looks comphie. ;)

I love all your deer pictures. We have a Mom and her 2 yearlings coming around. What do you feed yours? Ours had been eating the sunflower seeds that we had put out for the birds. They are so pretty and I would really like to keep them around.

Trillian said...

cool sock. I like the rrrrruffle

rita said...

Lily makes herself comfy wherever she is, which is usually right on top of one of us, or on the heating vent, or a blanket, or....

We feed the deer corn. We get it at a local farm store and go through 100 pounds every couple of weeks, especially in the winter. But in the summer, the babies are so cute that I have to keep throwing out more corn.

So you have a mommy with twins, too! How cool!

Trillian, I really like the ruffle too. And the hearts are cool, but I might leave them off next time. Not all socks require hearts.