Friday, March 07, 2008


Isn't that just the coolest name for a sock pattern? One presented on Valentine's Day and shown knitted in a bluish-black yarn? Hahahahahaha!

I've decided to attempt to knit Passion in this pattern. See, trek, it's mostly stockinette, totally mindless knitting, with little hearts along the top (and I knit socks for A with hearts on them, so I think I can manage it again) and, get this, a ruffle on the top. A ruffle. Cast on 256 stitches, then after a couple of rows decrease decrease, and end up with 64, knit a few rows of ribbing to make sure the stupid things stay up, then the hearts, then stockinette baby all the way to the heel and then to the toe.

Remind me of my enthusiasm for this project when the stockinette parts become unbearable, will you? Or, maybe not. It might be better that way.

(It appears that Blogger isn't allowing me to link to the site. It's stariel . blogspot . com/2008/02/blackhearted.html. Perhaps that will help if you want to see the photo and pattern.)

UPDATE: I've knit the two rows of 256 stitches and done the decreases, the little bit of ribbing, and am now ready to start the heart patterns. Pray for me, please.


Cass said...

That yarn is just damn gorgeous.

Hope you're feeling better!

rita said...

Thank you, Cass. I'm alive; I guess that counts.

I love the yarn too; I just started the first round and already dropped a stinking stitch. I will now cast on again, so I improvised a stitch. It better work.