Wednesday, February 06, 2008

So, what do you think about this?

Wine rack.


The Knitting Nerd said...

Be right back...gotta go get my credit card!!! lol

elisa said...

OMG - I'm not sure that I want one, but I have a very strong desire to buy some for my friends.

My aunt used to have "barnoculars" which was basically a flask shaped like binoculars so you could sneak booze into sporting events. I thought those were BRILLIANT.

rita said...

I want one. Perfect for concerts! I've considered sneaking stuff in in contact lens solution bottles or cough syrup bottles, but this is just perfect.

Just have to hope that I don't spring a leak.

Leetie said...

I don't think the guards are allowed to squeeze your hooters looking for contraband, so if you really HAVE to drink while you're at a concert, it's a good bet. I usually just chug-a-lug before I go in. ;)

rita said...

Love your wording, Leetie! I usually chug-a-lug too, but it does wear off kind of early.

Buy a cheap bottle of anything (or expensive, your choice) and you're set for the night!

But I have to wonder--how easy/difficult are they to rinse out???

And, most important of all, has anyone sent this to Dave?