Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Passion--and a CONTEST!!!

We all need a little passion in our lives, no? Especially when it's February and dreary and no hope of anything like warm weather here for 3 months, and then it's just a tease.

So this will be the basis for my next project. It will be socks, but I don't know what pattern yet. I might try Monkey all in knit, no purls, but it just can't be more knit3purl1 ribbing all down the freaking leg.

Any suggestions? I've never knit a cable and don't want to start now; I need something relatively mindless, since I am relatively mindless by this time.

Description from etsy:

"Passion. Have you lost that loving feeling? Have you got too much of that loving feeling? Need something more to get you through the day? Try adding a little Passion to your life….or your stash. Passion is 100% superwash, fingering weight, merino wool. Dancing from red, to black, to purple, to deep magenta, this colorway captures all those roller coaster feelings. Wrap this 95 grams (+/- 440 yards) of pure passion around your tootsies today. "

Whoever comes up with the best pattern/suggestion for this yarn will win 2 skeins of Claudia's Hand Painted Yarn, my choice. Also, the best suggestion for chasing away the Will Spring EVER Come? blues will get a prize, who knows what yet, but it'll be something.

UPDATE: I guess I should put a deadline on this. How about Saturday, March 1, any comment marked "Saturday, March 1" is fine; no need to worry about time zones.

Hey, that means that February will be over. Over! On to March!

And if you want extra chances to win, link to my blog from yours and tell me you did so. And if someone finds this from your blog, tell them to tell me where they found this, yadda yadda yadda the usual contest rules. And you can enter as many times as you like. I need help here, people!


Antevasin said...

Oh Oh Oh I know I know!!! When I saw your yarn, the Pomatomus sock pattern struck me. That one is definitely on my to-do list too! I really enjoyed doing the no purl monkeys though, so that is high on my list and I think a pair of no purl 'Passion' monkeys would be gorgeous! As for chasing away the winter doldrums, I know all the experts say it's a big no no these days, but when I lived in Kentucky and missed my Calif sunshine, I hit the tanning bed for therapy and some meditation. I turned on some music I liked, put on plenty of sunscreen, and let everything else go. Another idea is to get the book by Jack Canfield called The Key to the Law of Attraction. I just finished it last night and what a fantastic read!!! It's a must have for everyone and I will read mine again and again and again...

rita said...

I've got Pomatomus on my list too. I'm not sure it's mindless enough, though; you're welcome to try again! Enter again and again; I love company!

YES YES YES--tanning therapy! I used to do that all winter, and this winter I just haven't due to inertia. That's what I need to do, maybe starting this afternoon. I tan all spring and summer (when the temp is above 60), trying to be very careful not to burn. I know it's bad, I've always known it, but I need the sun!

I'll have to check that book; I'm sure I can find it. I love to read!

Antevasin said...

OK..EUREKA! The bellatrix looks like another good choice for your yarn. Mindless easy to memorize pattern and I'm told a fun knit while watching tv.
And YES..get to the tanning bed..NOW! :=)

Trillian said...

Have you tried jaywalker yet?
broadripple looks fairly mindless

rita said...

Hi, Trillian! No, haven't tried either of those. I'll put all three of them on the list.

*hums "Margaritaville" while stripping in tanning booth*

Anonymous said...

Betty says.....
Well, I can't help you with the knitting part, since I don't knit (I have no patience, or talent, for such things, you know), but I can help with the Will Spring EVER Come Blues. We must immediately take money out of our retirement accounts and book a flight to some place very far south of here, after calling in sick for the next month. Simple. We should have thought of this much sooner.

You are welcome.

rita said...

Oh, Betty, if I had a retirement account, I'd take you up on that! I'd be too far away for them to come looking for me to drag me back, since I'm out of sick leave.

I hear Belize is nice this time of year.

P.S. Betty is my "oldest" sister, my almost-twin. Yes, I'm the older one.

trek said...

Honestly, I'd go with a plain vanilla Stockinette or a simple rib or maybe a Jaywalker. The colors are so bold, they won't need much help to be spectacular.

rita said...

Hi, trek! Thanks for dropping by and entering the fabulous contest!

Any hints for the Will Spring EVER Come Blues get-rid-of?